Bicycle Rental Conditions


Owner: Viasara
Renter: The natural person or legal person who, as a renter, agrees on the rental condition and is the person responsible for the bicycle
The rented property: Bicycles from Viasara with all accessories as stated on the agreement

  • The 1/2 day rental period is from 8:30 till 14:30 or from 15:00 till 21:30, 1 day is from 8:30 p.m. till 21:30, and 1 week is for 7 full days.

  • For a rental period of more than one day, the bicycle must be locked in the Viasara depot at night.

  • The owner charges a deposit of €50,- (cash) per bicycle.

  • The owner is expected to deliver the bicycle in good condition.

  • At the start of the rental period the owner and renter should together check the bicycle and accessories for defects and damage.

  • The renter is deemed to have received the rented bicycle in good condition. The renter is obliged to immediately inform the owner of a new defect and damage to the bicycle and accessories during the rental period.

  • The use of the bicycle is reserved for adults, unless the minor is accompanied by an adult. The adult takes full responsibility for all damage caused to the bicycle and third parties by the minor or suffered by the minor himself.

  • The rented bicycle(s) are not insured for theft or hull damage. The renter is liable for damage to or loss of the bicycle (s) or parts - thereof, as well as bicycle keys and chain (s) / locks. If a key is lost, the renter must pay € 15 euro. The current market value will be charged in the event of theft or loss of the bicycle. In the event of theft, the renter must hand over the key. Taking and / or deposit return does not indemnify the renter from his / her obligations to compensate for damage caused during the rental period.

  • The owner is entitled at all times to take the rented property for alleged abuse.

  • The renter must always double lock the bicycle on a fixed object.

  • It is strictly forbidden to go on one bicycle with two people.

  • It is strictly forbidden to go on the beach by bicycle.

  • It is strictly forbidden to ride off or against curbs by bike.

  • We only rent bicycles for the environment in and around Lecco. This means that we do not rent bicycles for usage outside this area.

  • The renter will handle the rented bicycle with care.

  • The renter bears full legal liability for the damage caused to himself and / or third parties.

  • Return of the bicycle before the end of the rental period is possible but does not results in refunds. 

  • Upon submission after the agreed return date, the renter will charge the full day rent for each day that the bicycle is returned later than agreed, plus a fine of € 10 for each day that the bicycle is returned beyond the rental period.

  • The bike reserved by you, except if paid in advance, is ready for you until 10 am. After this timepoint your reservation will expire.

  • The renter can cancel reserved and paid bicycles free of charge minimal 24 hours in advance. Send an email for this or call us. In that case, Viasara returns cash.

  • In case of a group rental, the renter will notify all persons of the group to take knowledge of the bicycle rental conditions.